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Security Alerts, Tips, and Tricks

Critical Windows Vulnerabilities Cause CISA and OCR to Issue Emergency Directives

The CISA has, as of January 2020, released an emergency directive that focuses on some critical vulnerabilities affecting all Windows systems, Windows CryptoAPI, Windows Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway), and Windows Remote Desktop Client.

Attention Pulse Secure VPN Users - Are You Still Vulnerable?

CISA, the Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency, has issued a warning to Pulse Secure customers urging them to patch the 2019 Pulse Secure VPN vulnerability, CVE-2019-11510. The vulnerability is being exploited in real world attacks. In this post, we will outline the type of vulnerabilities discovered in these products, and why these issues leave a company particularly vulnerable.

A Brief Review of Firewalls and Their Importance

The data stored on your computer is valuable, and that’s a fact. Unfortunately, this means that there are unscrupulous characters out there who will want to get at this data, so you will need to have the right solutions in place to protect it. Let’s take a closer look at what a firewall is, and how they help to protect your assets.

The Good and Bad of Shadow IT

Shadow IT is the moniker for applications that employees download that aren’t vetted for use on an organization’s networks. While IT administrators have universally demeaned the use of unsanctioned software for use on company networks due to potential vulnerabilities that come with these applications, some organizations are rolling back their shadow IT policies. Why?

Is Your Business Backed Up and Secure?

With the current threat landscape the way it is, it is essential that business owners do what they can to protect their data. A critical part (but not the only part) of this is to back it up. Today, we will take a look at data backup and explain how it has to be an essential part of your business’ cyber security strategy.

Tip of the Week: Common PDF Tricks You Need to Know

In business, Portable Document Format (PDF) documents are encountered constantly. They are a great way to share and receive documents on any device. Today we have some tips on how to better manipulate the PDFs you receive.

Your End Users Are Your Last Line of Defense Against Cyber Criminals

Cyber crime has been on the rise over the last few years, and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. As it turns out, bad actors can turn a profit by targeting businesses, and their tools and tactics are only getting trickier.

Signs It’s Time for Customer Relationship Management

From their clients and customers, to their vendors, to other businesses they work with, the average business has a lot of contacts they need to manage - which is why a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application is so valuable.

Tip off the Week: Controlling Your Text in Microsoft Word

Sometimes Word will make seemingly random adjustments to the formatting of dates, hyphenated content, and other elements. Here, we’re offering some tips to help you put a lid on these irritating changes.

Managed IT Services’ Major Points of Emphasis

Since almost all organizations rely heavily on their technology, it stands to reason that getting the most value out of their IT support should be a priority. In many ways, managed IT services are the answer to this issue.

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