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Security Alerts, Tips, and Tricks

Visio Diagrams Inside of Microsoft Teams

In 2018 Microsoft released Visio for Microsoft Teams which makes it possible to save a Visio file and view and edit it within Teams. Anyone with a Microsoft 365 subscription can view Visio files, and anyone who has a Visio Plan 1 or Visio Plan 2 license can edit the files right within Teams. 

Why Legacy Phone Solutions Fell Short During the Pandemic

One thing learned during this pandemic is, an organization needs to prepare their team to be able to work from wherever they are and needs to be effective. They can not rely on bolt-on desk devices and a plethora of applications to do their day to day job, specially for communications (Persistent Chat/Meetings and Telephony).

Five Advantages of Syncing Your Files with OneDrive

To get work done from anywhere, across your devices, you need ubiquitous access to all your files – online and offline. Business information needs to be up to date and in reach, without compromise.

How to Avoid Miscommunications During Remote Work

Business communications become more challenging when remote workers enter the equation. Find out how to avoid miscommunications today.

Scammers are Using Economic Impact Payments to Phish People

For this week’s tip we talk a little bit about how scammers are stealing stimulus money from unsuspecting people.

COVID-19 and the Small Business

Today, we look at how your network and infrastructure is not as secure with all of your resources strewn about.

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