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Security Alerts, Tips, and Tricks

Tip of the Week: Sanitize Your Computer

While we may talk about computer viruses a lot, we wanted to change tack briefly and talk about the other kind--the kind that makes you sick, rather than your technology.

Never Has the Cloud Been More Important

With COVID-19-based stay-at-home orders lasting for over six-to-12 weeks in some places, these professional businessmen and businesswomen are seeing just how beneficial the cloud can be for their business. For the very first time cloud computing makes sense to them.

Basic Wireless Security for Remote Work

Securing your home wireless Internet can go a long way toward keeping your business’’ network secure.

How Microsoft Intune Can Help with Mobile Device & Application Management

In this guide, our experts are going to take you through Intune’s features and benefits to show you why you should be using the platform to manage your business-related devices as you and your employees work from home.

Teams Phones Gets a New Look

Microsoft Teams has updated their phone app to enhance the features that you love most.

How To Design Your Remote Work Culture With Microsoft Teams Apps

While Microsoft Teams is widely used as a platform for one-on-one and group chats, group channels, scheduling events, and conducting meetings, you can do even more through the use of app integration.

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