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Why You Need a UPS in Your Network Equipment

Apart from securing your computer network against breaches, it is advisable to ensure that the network hardware is plugged into a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system.  A UPS not only helps you maintain network productivity during instances of a...

How Cyber Security Is Revolutionizing Healthcare

The healthcare industry is at the forefront of innovation. Cyber security has never been more vital to rapidly evolving field of comprehensive patient services.

The World's Most Hacked Passwords and How NOT to End Up on the List

Passwords protect our data, safeguard our finances, and ensure personal information stays private. How we choose to secure our system information can be our greatest strength -- or the Achilles' Heel of database management. Keep your company off the...

What to Expect When Your Microsoft Office 365 Expires

Deactivation in steps

If you decide to cancel your subscription with Microsoft Office 365 your account will deactivate in stages. If you decide that you wish to continue your subscription, you will have 30 days before only admin is able to access the...

Microsoft's Office Icons Get a Refresh: Blazing New Frontiers Through Design

If you've been cruising through Excel spreadsheets or powering through a presentation, you may have noticed a change in your old favorites. That's right; Microsoft's Office icons have gotten a reboot. These quick start menu staples haven't had a face...

Matrix Reloaded: Remote Desktop Services Are Ransomware's Newest Target

Two old foes are back with new and improved ways to wreak havoc on your data! MalwareHunter Team recently uncovered two upgraded Matrix Ransomware variants that attack remote desktop services.

These sinister viruses work by running thousands of...

Malware Protection for Today's Business and Tomorrow's Clients

In this booming age of technology and information sharing, more and more businesses are going paperless. Relying near exclusively on Customer Relation Management (CRM), integrated information systems, and technology databases creates efficiency and...

The IT Ecosystem: Where People are the Only Single-Fixed Entity

When we gaze across the IT landscape, we see that people seem to be the only single-fixed entity. Pulling away from the break fix IT model, managed services are in demand. IT companies need to be capable of facilitating changes and allow for managed...

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