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Check Out These 4 Android Shortcuts

Nick B
By Nick B

Android devices might be highly customizable,
but to get them to this point, there might be a sacrifice of user-friendliness.
If you can figure out how to configure them properly, these devices can benefit
from all kinds of useful shortcuts that can help you get more out of your
devices. Here are four of the easiest ones to set up.

Easy Camera

Most users get a lot of mileage out of their
smartphone’s built-in camera, but in order to make the most effective use out
of it, your camera needs to be ready to go at any point in time. This way, you
will never miss out on any of the golden moments life just throws at you. To
set this up, there are various ways to access the camera app in the fastest way
possible, but they all generally consist of double-pressing a button. LG’s
devices require that you press the volume-down button, while some others use
the power button. Motorola devices can activate the camera through a
double-twist gesture.

Easy Access to the Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is widely considered the
best option for an assistant app on Android devices. All you have to say is
“Okay, Google,” but there is an even easier way to access it as well. Most of
the newer Android devices allow you to access Google Assistant just by hitting
the Home key. Just long-press it and your Google Assistant will pop up.

Easy Menus

Some apps have a menu that can be accessed
easily by just pushing the three-dot icon before again pushing the selection.
Some apps allow you to combine it with a gesture, though, like what a drop-down
menu accomplishes for a computer. By long-pressing the three-dot menu button
and dragging down, you can make your selection without poking it twice.

Easy Hang-Up

The telephone has always been used to make
calls, but you also have to end calls when you’re finished. There is an
on-screen button to make this happen, but a more convenient way to make it
happen is to set your device to automatically end when you’re done. If you’re
holding your device to your ear, the way you traditionally would with any
phone, you have easy access to the power button. In your Settings, you can
access the Accessibility settings and turn on the option for Power button ends call. This will give
you a secondary option to end your call.

These are only a couple of options to make
using your smartphone easier. What are your favorites? Let us know in the

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