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Security Alerts, Tips, and Tricks

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) vs. Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

If you are a large organization, you have the option to stand up and set a sizeable virtual desktop infrastructure in the public cloud. However, the challenge lies in choosing between a windows virtual desktop or remote desktop services for your contingency plan.

Microsoft Teams vs. Zoom vs. Google: Comparing Features of Top Video Conferencing Apps

Now that the convenience of conducting conferences remotely has become more widespread, the practice will likely remain popular. Comparing systems and implementing the one that seems best for each application is important.

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) vs. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

While VPN has been around a long time Windows Virtual Desktop is the future. We're discussing the differences and why WVD will come out on top.

By Nick B
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Tip of the Week: Keyboard Shortcuts You May Not Have Known

With so much time spent inside the browser, we thought that we would share some shortcuts that you probably don’t know exist.

How Secure is Your Data, Really?

Let’s consider common data collection practices companies deploy and how you can keep yourself safe.

What to Focus On as You Train Your Team

Information technology is an incredibly important facet to any modern workplace, which means that your team needs to know how to properly handle the IT you have in place.

Improve Your Email Management in Outlook

Microsoft has improved their Outlook platform with some useful features aimed at cutting down on the time that you have to stare at your email. Let’s take a look at two options you can use to get the most out of your email in Outlook.

By Nick B
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Tip of the Week: Should You Unplug Your Laptop While in Use?

There is an important question that you should be asking: can a laptop be left plugged in whenever it is left in one spot? Let’s find out for this week’s tip.

Make IT Security a Priority for Your Business

With so many people working from home due to stay-at-home orders resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, IT security may not be at the forefront of users’ minds.

Microsoft Teams vs. Zoom - Which is Better for Your Organization?

In this post, we will discuss two popular video chat services, Microsoft Teams and Zoom, outlining both the pros and cons of each, in order for organizations to decide which service best suits their particular needs.

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