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Tip of the Week: Let Others Use Your Android Device with Guest Mode

Android has a feature called Android Guest Mode that can help protect your privacy.

Tip of the Week: Get More from Your Android Device’s Battery

If your device’s battery is running slower, there are some steps you can take to ensure that you can get through your day without having to constantly worry about your device shutting down.

Tip of the Week: Changing Your Notification Settings on Android Devices

For this week’s tip we tell you how to control the flow of notifications to your Android device.

Careful, This Wallpaper Will Brick Your Phone. Wait, What?

Hold onto your hats folks, this article is a roller coaster. It has been recently discovered that a totally innocuous photograph is causing smartphones to break when set as the wallpaper. Is this some new malicious type of malware? Are dastardly hackers behind this exploit?

The New Office 365 App is Awesome

Microsoft has created the Microsoft Office app that combines all the Office 365 apps into one. Today, we’ll take a look at the app and tell you how you can download it on your device.

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