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Employee Health is Probably the Biggest Consideration in 2020

Today, we will take a look at practices your business can take to help keep your employees healthy during this challenging time.

Microsoft Teams: Secure and Compliant

Since the beginning of March, most healthcare organizations have adopted Microsoft Teams at some level in order to support clinical collaboration and work from home scenarios. 

Do HIPAA Rules Apply to Telehealth Communications?

Telehealth is a term covering patient appointments and medical practitioner consultations utilizing phone or computer based teleconferencing methods, as well as other technological means of sharing or processing health information. Do HIPAA principles apply to telehealth interaction? Let's take a look at the issue.

Integrate Electronic Health Records into Microsoft Teams Care Coordination Through FHIR

Microsoft has designed Teams to empower healthcare professionals. Care coordination and collaboration is one of the key pillars of the investment that Microsoft is making in the healthcare space.

Empower Healthcare Organizations with NEW Capabilities in Microsoft Teams

Let's take a dive into 6 features that will empower your healthcare practice via Microsoft Teams.

Empower Your Firstline Workers with New Capabilities in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has designed solutions inside of Teams to help Firstline Workers achieve more. Through this article we will take a look at four of these features.

Setting Up Bookings for Telemedicine Visits

This post is all about how you can use the “out of the box” features in Bookings to enable your healthcare practice to schedule and complete virtual visits.

Empowering Healthcare Organizations with Microsoft Teams

On March 6, 2020 Microsoft announced new capabilities in Microsoft Teams that empower care teams and enable healthcare organizations to securely communicate and collaborate. 

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