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Foldable Screens Enter Smartphone Market

There have been whispers for years about manufacturers using flexible OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays to create devices that were flexible enough to fold in half. As late as 2018, that’s all they were...whispers. In the subsequent year,[...]

3 Technologies That Could Have Been But Never Took Off

Technology innovation continues to move rapidly. It seems that every few days that there is a major breakthrough with some type of IT or other computer-based technology that is seemingly going to change the world; or, at the very least improve[...]

The “City That Never Sleeps” is Getting Smarter

New York City has many monikers. It's called the "Big Apple" and the "City That Never Sleeps." It's been written about, captured in more movies than you can count, and is the focus of many songs over the decades.

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