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5 Ways to Secure Your Home Computer When Working From Home

Maintaining your cyber security while working remotely can be a challenge, but it can be accomplished with minimal risk if you use the right options for your type of business.

Security Has to Be At the Top of Every Healthcare Provider’s List

Healthcare is a massive industry that depends on IT to function, but it is not secure by a longshot.

Connecting Information Technology and Operational Technology

As time has passed, both Information Technology and Operational Technology have advanced, and now both carry the risks once limited to IT. Let’s examine how you can better secure your business by focusing on the convergence of IT and OT.

Tip of the Week: Activating Two-Step Verification on a Microsoft Account

Two-step authentication/verification has seen considerable popularity as a means of securing an account. To help you boost the protections surrounding your Microsoft account, we’re offering a few tips on how to use two-step verification, as Microsoft refers to it.

Tip of the Week: 4 Components to Keeping Data Safe

Your business is bound to collect a sizable cache of data, a significant percentage of which being the kind used to identify someone. This is exactly the kind of data that cyber criminals are looking for, which means it needs to be protected. Here, we’re covering the basics of how you can help secure your data’s integrity against cyber crime.

The NY Shield Act Takes Effect March 21st 2020, Here's What You Need to Know

The Shield Act is New York's strongest consumer information privacy protection legislation to date. Let's look at the changes it brings.

3 Reasons to Use a Password Manager

With all of the accounts that people have these days, it almost--almost--makes sense that people tend to use passwords that are too short, overly simple, and repeat across multiple accounts. A password manager protects you from the temptation of recycling passwords, as well as the temptation to make them easy to guess.

A Brief Review of Firewalls and Their Importance

The data stored on your computer is valuable, and that’s a fact. Unfortunately, this means that there are unscrupulous characters out there who will want to get at this data, so you will need to have the right solutions in place to protect it. Let’s take a closer look at what a firewall is, and how they help to protect your assets.

The Good and Bad of Shadow IT

Shadow IT is the moniker for applications that employees download that aren’t vetted for use on an organization’s networks. While IT administrators have universally demeaned the use of unsanctioned software for use on company networks due to potential vulnerabilities that come with these applications, some organizations are rolling back their shadow IT policies. Why?

Is Your Business Backed Up and Secure?

With the current threat landscape the way it is, it is essential that business owners do what they can to protect their data. A critical part (but not the only part) of this is to back it up. Today, we will take a look at data backup and explain how it has to be an essential part of your business’ cyber security strategy.

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