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By Nick B
In tips

Tip of the Week: Should You Unplug Your Laptop While in Use?

There is an important question that you should be asking: can a laptop be left plugged in whenever it is left in one spot? Let’s find out for this week’s tip.

Tip of the Week: Better Video Conferencing for Better Meetings

Today’s businesses have swiftly adopted video conferencing, even before business continuity required it. Considering this, let’s examine how your team can make the most of their video conferences with a few tips.

By Nick B
In tips

Tip of the Week: Optimism Improves Reality

Today, as businesses are gearing up to get back to work, we thought it would be helpful to explain some ways that you can stay positive.

Tip of the Week: Sanitize Your Computer

While we may talk about computer viruses a lot, we wanted to change tack briefly and talk about the other kind--the kind that makes you sick, rather than your technology.

When Working from Home, Your Conditions are Important

Working from home can be difficult. Today, we talk about some of the best practices and procedures you can enact to be productive from home.

Tips for Remote Employees to Stay Healthy and Safe

Being a part of a remote workforce offers you the flexibility and opportunity to work from home but can also be a demanding experience that can become overwhelming if you do not set boundaries and limitations. Here are some tips to make working from home a productive and positive experience.

Tip of the Week: The Best Way to Cut Your IT Support Costs

For this week’s tip we tell you how managed IT services can really help you cut your IT support costs.

Why a Routine Approach to Work is a Good Thing

If you aren’t used to working from home, it has its challenges. Today, we will explain why getting into a routine can help you be as or more productive than you are in the office.

Become a Microsoft Teams Super User!

We are taking a moment to break down some quick tips and tricks to help you leverage this powerful collaboration tool.

Tip of the Week: Three Basic Access Control Considerations

For this week’s tip we talk about three basic access control options you have to pay attention to.

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