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Why a Chromebook Can Be a Great Investment

Nick B
By Nick B

Chromebooks have provided businesses with a
different option for their computing needs, if it fits with their practices.
Here, we’ll explore the different factors that make Chromebooks a good choice,
and some of the more appealing features that they can provide.

Chromebooks Can Be Affordable

Depending on the intended use and required
stats of a particular purpose, you can get a perfectly decent device for a
relative steal. While there are some advanced, fancier options available at a
higher price point, there are many more that are friendlier on the budget than
the average Windows laptop.

Chromebooks Can Do More Than You Think

Admittedly, the earlier Chromebooks were
somewhat limited by the exclusivity of the Chrome OS and the need of an
Internet connection to do, well, just about anything. However, as they have
improved, many Chromebooks are now able to leverage some Android applications,
including the Android version of Microsoft Office.

Furthermore, Chromebooks have many apps that
can serve as a reasonable stand-in for popular software titles, like Adobe’s
Photoshop. One downside: none of them are able to edit a .PSD file.

“Offline” Doesn’t Mean They’re Useless

While many of the apps that Chromebooks can
utilize require an Internet connection, there are many that can be used
without. With the addition of Android apps for some, that number will only

In short, the Chromebook is slated to only keep improving, which means that there will possibly be even better options in the near future. If you’re still having a hard time deciding, turn to WheelHouse IT. Our professionals will be able to put you (and your technology) on the path to success. Call us at (877) 771-2384 to learn more.

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